Keep warm this winter (or next week) the American-made way

Posted by LDonia on 10/18/2013

While most of DC immersed itself in cable news' Red Carpet-style coverage of the government shutdown, a handful of weather enthusiasts instead delved into coverage of typhoon Wipha.

Now, I bet you're wondering how this has anything to do with fashion. But it does! Just stay with me. While that storm is currently out in the north Pacific, according to the Washington Post's Capital Weather Gang, it could have major implications for much of America's east coast ... Implications in the form of unseasonably cold, even winter-like weather.

Which is all to say: If you're in the market for a new winter scarf, now would be a good time to order it.

And may we be so forward as to suggest an American-made option?

Check out the scarves from Amana Woolen Mill. These Made in Iowa scarves come in wool or cotton, and a variety of colors or patterns.

The Amana shops have been in operation since the mid-1850's and are truly an icon of American manufacturing.

It's gonna get cold! Buy an American-made scarf.

Image from Amana Woolen Mill website.


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