Keep dry with an American-made raincoat

Posted by LDonia on 10/11/2013

It's raining in DC. It's been raining for a few days now and will continue raining for several more days. While we understand that DC weather is not "everywhere" weather, chances are good that it will, at some point, rain where you are one day too.

Thus, today's Fashion Friday is dedicated to perhaps the most under-appreciated garment in existence: the raincoat.

The Alliance for American Manufacturing (AAM) would hate for you to wade out into your next torrential downpour sans a domestically-made piece of clothing to keep you dry.

Here are two Made in the U.S.A. raincoats:

From Filson, an all-season, extra long raincoat. It's water repellant and includes hand warmer pockets.

And from She Reigns (we see what you did there!) the Catherine, which is now being sold at a deeply discounted rate. The Catherine is also water repellant and has plenty of pockets for all the must-stay-dry items you're toting around in this hypothetical rainstorm.

Not the right pieces for you? Both Filson and She Reigns have a variety of other American-made raincoats to choose from.

Good luck, and stay dry!

Images from company websites.

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