June 22, 2011 Headlines: Made in America Store, China's Cyberwarfare, Tim Ryan on Buy American, and More

Posted by smorgante on 06/22/2011

NPR: NPR highlights a “Made in America” store in upstate New York.

China says it is not engaged in cyberwarfare with the U.S. (Reuters). Could have fooled us.  China also claims that its share of rare earth mineral production will drop (Reuters).

The Federal Reserve will apparently continue to ignore unemployment (Reuters).  Has QE2 worked (WSJ)?

IW: Rep. Tim Ryan (D-OH) says if we want advanced manufacturing to succeed, make sure DoD buys American.

Newsweek: Former President Bill Clinton offers 14 ideas to grow jobs. We like a bunch of them, including #13.

Politico: A small business loan fund has been slow in developing.

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