June 20, 2014: What's in store for AAM this summer?

Posted by mmcmullan on 06/20/2014

Good afternoon,

and welcome to the Early Shift. Let’s split this Friday’s update into a full meal.

THE MAIN COURSE: Today, by technicality, is the last day of spring 2014! It’s been a busy one for the Alliance for American Manufacturing (AAM) — we’ve been to Ohio, Illinois, Pennsylvania, Texas, and Alabama. But there’s no time to rest; by Saturday, summer will be here, and by Monday, AAM will be on the Iron Range in Minnesota, the site of our last #SOSJobs rally.

What’s at stake for the workers in Virginia, Minnesota? Plenty. They’re the first stop on steel supply chain, and their jobs could be at risk if the U.S. Department of Commerce fails to uphold America’s trade laws as it considers the case of illegally dumped steel pipe and tube from South Korea. Click here to learn more, and keep an eye on AAM’s many arms of social media when we’re rallying on Monday.

SIDE DISH: Rallies aren’t all that AAM is up to this summer. Next month, we’re heading to Detroit — home of the Red Wings, Motown, and Tommy Hearns — for Netroots Nation 2014. The annual political blogger conference kicks off on July 17, and we’ll be there in the exhibition hall to spread the word about America’s manufacturing sector. We’ve got a panel discussion on manufacturing and the middle class planned, too.  

Last year at Netroots, we were all about American-made arcade games. Stay tuned for details on what we’ve got planned for our booth this time around.

AND FOR DESSERT: Have you ever noticed how politicians only drive American-made cars? Matt Miller at Bloomberg News did. Check out the video below (or click here if you can’t see it!).

That’s it and that’s all, America. A full Early Shift meal. Have a good weekend, and we’ll catch you from Minnesota on Monday!


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