John Porcari, DOT Buy America champion, is stepping down

Posted by mmcmullan on 12/12/2013

John Porcari, U.S. Deputy Secretary of Transportation (DOT), has announced he’ll be leaving his post at DOT next month. From the Washington Post:

Porcari, 54, has been second in command at DOT, responsible for running the day-to-day operations, since June 2009. As deputy secretary, Porcari focused on the key role transportation could play in economic development and future growth.

We’re sad to see him go. Porcari, as we’ve noted before, has been a solid supporter of Buy America requirements that give American companies the first shot at government procurement contracts. They’re smart policy, and as Alliance for American Manufacturing (AAM) President Scott Paul wrote in a recent op-ed, they “create incentive(s) for companies to set up shop at home in exchange for access to our public procurement markets.”

Porcari’s boss, DOT Secretary Anthony Foxx, recognized how vital such policies and Porcari’s efforts were to America’s economic rebound:

'In an effort to ensure that good transportation projects were started sooner — and their benefits enjoyed faster — John led a Department-wide effort to streamline our approval processes and cut Government red tape. At the same time, he increased enforcement of our Buy America program, helping to ensure that our country’s transportation projects are built by American workers using American materials. Through these programs and so many others, John is leaving the Department and the Nation’s transportation system stronger than when he started.'

Couldn’t agree more. Good luck out there, Mr. Porcari!

Image of John Porcari from Department of Labor flickr.

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