Joe Biden's discussing the U.S. economic relationship with China -- we wonder if currency manipulation will come up

Posted by mmcmullan on 10/22/2013

At this very moment, Vice President Joe Biden (your blogger’s favorite vice president since Al Gore) is at the Washington, DC offices of the U.S. Chamber of Commerce meeting with former Chinese officials who now direct an economic policy think tank in Beijing.

There’s not much to report right at the moment, save a Chamber press release that is so dry it chafes. But according to it, Chamber Chief Tom Donahue says this annual meeting is a chance to get things done, and our economic relationship is incredibly important:

The rapid development of economic and trade relations between China and the United States has brought tangible benefits to both peoples and economies, and has long been the anchor of the broader bilateral relationship.

Indeed. Benefits like a $315 billion trade deficit with China in 2012 and a few million lost American jobs. Maybe the Chamber – that’s the organization with the subtle J-O-B-S banners facing the White House across Lafayette Square – will raise the issue of a consistently devalued yuan. A market-oriented Chinese currency would mean a lot more American jobs, after all.

Photo of Chamber of Commerce's DC office by flickr user Ron Cogswell, used following Creative Commons guidelines.

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