January 5, 2011 Headlines: Detroit Carmakers Gain Market Share, Jobless Rates Fall, and More

Posted by smorgante on 01/05/2012

DFP: The Big Three all gained market share in 2011, the first time this has happened since 1988.

NYT: Economic upward mobility has never been at a weaker point in our history.

WSJ: Jobless rates appeared to fall across most cities.

WSJ: December factory activity was at the highest point since June.

Yglesias: ADP shows strong jobs gains in December.

WSJ: Take the ADP numbers with a grain of salt.

Krugman: More analysis of Obama’s and Romney’s records on job creation.

WSJ: Nokia will move their Asian headquarters from Singapore to China.

The Hill: Obama will unveil a summer jobs plan today, hoping to create 180,000 private sector job opportunities.

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