January 31, 2014: Wrapping up the SOTU

Posted by mmcmullan on 01/31/2014

Good afternoon,

TGIF, America! The State of the Union address always comes welcome to January in Washington. It sure did this frigid week, at least: No time to be cold around these parts for the Alliance for American Manufacturing (AAM). Oh no. We’ve kept busy.

So what have we been up to? Well, before the speech even started, AAM President Scott Paul previewed it on MSNBC’s The Ed Show. Once it started we offered up a live-tweeted analysis while the president spoke.

And boy howdy, there was plenty to talk about. President Obama made the creation of more (and better) jobs one of the central themes of his speech and following press events. Among other economic proposals, a network of manufacturing hubs to nurture industrial R&D and a federal review of job training programs would help boost employment growth. Both are good ideas.

Hey, let’s be real: We’re happy the president’s vision for the middle class includes the growth of manufacturing jobs. As stated above, some of the things he said we liked, but some need some explanation. And other policies went straight-up missing.

So we did post-SOTU analysis. We hired a dedicated team of code breakers, linguists, and cryptographers, and produced a fact check of the president’s address. We also politely requested Scott Paul bust out the white board and walk us through the president’s speech:

The simple truth of it is this: While both are necessary, a network of manufacturing hubs and a review of training programs do not a jobs strategy make. America needs a comprehensive plan. We think ours is pretty solid.


Enjoy the Super Bowl this weekend! No matter what kind of “football” you like, it’s sure to be a spectacle:


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