January 3, 2012 Headlines: Chinese Trade Complaints, Romney Celebrates Outsourcers, 2011 Review, and More

Posted by smorgante on 01/03/2012

NYT: Factory jobs are coming back, but wages are still lower.

Bloomberg: Whirlpool has filed a dumping complaint against LG and Samsung.

NYT: American wind turbine manufacturers file a complaint against China’s steel subsidies.

WSJ: Could the recovery be sustaining itself?

TPM: As the Iowa campaign season ends tonight, Mitt Romney makes his final pitch to voters at a company that celebrates outsourcing.

TPM: Romney supporters don’t think his China rhetoric matches his policy plans.

The Big Picture: Analysis of the China-Japan currency pact.

WSJ: The top 5 economic charts of 2012.

WSJ: Review of 2011: The economy created jobs, but not nearly fast enough.

WSJ: 2012 will hopefully see an increase in job creation.

NPR: The United States still leads the world in R&D, but that position is being threatened.

WSJ: Economic trends to watch in 2012.

Yglesias: China is looking to take on the American entertainment industry.

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