January 25, 2013 Headlines: China set to create 'super industries,' and more...

Posted by LDonia on 01/25/2013

Bloomberg: China set to push mergers in nine manufacturing sectors and create 'super industries'.

MIT Technology Review: Design and manufacturing must go hand in hand.

Forbes: U.S. exports to Mexico are on the rise.

WSJ: Manufacturing reports provide, at best, a questionable outlook.

Reuters: Manufacturing in the U.S. grew this month at its fastest in two years.

Huffington Post: Manufacturing high-tech products in the U.S. makes economic sense.

Centre Daily: Siemens announces manufacturing alliance with Penn State.

Bloomberg: Apple acknowledges Chinese labor agent forged work papers for underage employees.

WSJ: Will China enter the currency war?

New York Times: China's unemployed college graduates see factory work as 'beneath them'.

Chicago Tribune: Business leaders ask President Obama to submit trade deals to Congress for vote.

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