January 24 2014: Lots of legs on the stool that is manufacturing policy

Posted by mmcmullan on 01/24/2014

Good early afternoon,

TGIF, America! What’s shaking? It’s been a few days since we rapped at you, but you haven’t missed much: Washington has been huddled around the campfire all week, trying to keep warm.

Hey, we’re not saying it’s the greater Midwest. But temperature is relative, and it was relatively Arctic in DC. Still, in our moments of warmth, we found time to preview the planks of the national manufacturing strategy we hope (we hope!) President Obama will unveil in this Tuesday’s State of the Union address.

Will he unveil one? Naw. Probably not. But don’t let anybody go running around saying he lacked the policy advice. Here are a couple of the legs of the manufacturing strategy that we’d like to see:

Coming up today? Expanding production, hiring, and capital expenditures. And on Monday? Enhancing our workforce. And then Tuesday’s State of the Union address will be here, with all its pomp and circumstance. We’ll be watching.


  • From the Sacramento Bee: A report from the California State Senate found that the state’s transportation department ignored a lot of shoddy craftsmanship that went into the new Bay Bridge between San Francisco and Oakland. A big chunk of that bridge project, don’t forget, was outsourced to China.
  • From CNN Money: Five years into his presidency, Barack Obama’s chief priority of a middle-class resurgence isn’t going very smoothly.

And lastly:

Wow. Check out Kirk Hammett in the bottom left corner. Have a good weekend, everyone!


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