January 21, 2014: Imagining the fabled Manufacturing Strategy

Posted by mmcmullan on 01/21/2014

Good morning,

Happy Tuesday, everyone. We’ve got another polar vortex-like weather event bearing down on the East Coast. It just started snowing here in Washington, DC, so we’re firing off this email missive to you before the elements knock out the power lines in the nation’s capital and everything just goes nuts: Human sacrifice. Dogs and cats, living together. Mass hysteria!

In this moment of calm, the Alliance for American Manufacturing (AAM) is getting its ducks in a row. This week we’re watching for hints of manufacturing policy from the Obama administration ahead of next week’s State of the Union.

So … What would a full-fledged manufacturing policy look like?

  • First: Infrastructure investment. Enough of it to repair and upgrade our roads, bridges, ports, and energy grid.
  • Second: Expanded Buy America policies. Make sure that the tax dollars spent on fixing the country’s pipes, so to speak, are steered toward American-made iron, steel, and other manufactured goods.
  • Third: A tax code that works for manufacturers. Increase incentives for reshoring, and only consider corporate tax reform if it retains and expands incentives for domestic research, hiring, and production.
  • Fourth: Reseed for a manufacturing workforce. Get some collaboration going between the public and private sectors so young people and the long-term unemployed have a spot in America’s manufacturing economy. Industry won’t work without people to work in it, after all.
  • And fifth: Back a trade agenda that emphasizes reciprocity and balance. America’s trade deficit is so big that doctors think it might have some sort of thyroid problem. We need to reconsider how economically healthy it is to run an annual deficit with China that tops $315 billion.

Your buds at AAM will be taking a peek at each of the policy legs in the days before next Tuesday’s address. So make sure you check our blog every day.


Last week's Fashion Friday! Five pairs of American-made jeans. Get at 'em right here.

A few longer reads:

Have a good week, everyone, and if you’re on the East Coast: Stay warm!


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