January 18, 2012 Headlines: High-Tech Jobs Leave, Plurality See Recovery, Global Slowdown, and More

Posted by smorgante on 01/18/2012

WaPo: According to the National Science Foundation, nearly 25% of our high-tech manufacturing jobs have been lost to Asia over the past decade.

DDN: How these lost jobs affect communities around the country.

WSJ: China is looking to expand their collection of deep-sea arctic minerals.

ABC: A new poll shows that 45% of Americans see an economic recovery underway.

NYT: Jobs lost in the Great Recession have not come back to cities.

WSJ: Chinese investors are turning to gold.

AP: Germany’s forecast growth is now at an anemic 0.7%.

WSJ: Manufacturing in the New York area is showing positive signs.

WSJ: Could China’s Q4 GDP be even less than reported?


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