Infrastructure Week 2014

Posted by TGarland on 05/12/2014

Infrastructure investment is a hot topic in the nation’s capital this year.

Why? For one, the nation’s infrastructure is aging at a rapid pace causing the American Society of Civil Engineers to give us a D+ grade last year. And Congress is making plans to reauthorize or develop a new highway bill that would fund large infrastructure projects across the country. And their time to do it is almost up:

So it’s a good thing that policymakers, business, and labor are joining together to talk infrastructure this week:

Infrastructure Week 2014 will explore emerging solutions, innovative approaches and best practices being developed nationwide to modernize aging infrastructure. Daily signature events will focus on major infrastructure challenges and the importance of interconnected infrastructure that provides a safe, secure and competitive climate for business operations nationwide.

We’re logging on for the American Iron and Steel Institute’s webinar tomorrow at 1:30 pm. You can check out the full list of events here.

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