Infrastructure investment means job creation

Posted by TGarland on 12/04/2013

Yesterday, the Alliance for American Manufacuturing (AAM) shared a new poll from the National Journal. It found that Americans overwhelmingly want Washington to get serious about job creation. Another interesting note? How those voters would like to see that handled.

Alex Roarty reports:

Remarkably, respondents showed little variation when they were asked if they preferred cutting taxes (a conservative priority) or boosting spending (a liberal preference) to create jobs. Seventy-five percent said they would be pleased or very pleased if jobs were created by reducing taxes and regulation, while 77 percent said the same about increasing investment in infrastructure projects. Fewer than 25 percent of people said they would be unhappy if lawmakers achieved either goal.

How can you argue with those numbers? But if you still need a second opinion, a Gallup poll from earlier this year has similar (almost identical) results.

Using federal money to improve our nation’s physical health is exactly what the doctor ordered. Infrastructure investment improves our personal safety and has the ability to put thousands of Americans back to work.

The vice president and former Transportation Secretary Ray LaHood have both recently highlighted the importance of infrastructure. And ReMaking America contributing author Leo Hindery, Jr. explains it further:

All of the nation’s manufacturers, from the largest multinationals to medium-sized manufacturers and to the smallest of (small- and medium-sized enterprises), would greatly benefit by participating in the large-scale rebuilding and upgrading of the country’s very dilapidated and inadequate infrastructure.

BONUS: Rebuilding our infrastructure is vital to our national security, according to a report by former Homeland Security Secretary Tom Ridge.

It looks like we have a consensus. The ball is in your court, Washington. 

Image by Flickr user Ryhs A., following Creative Commons guidelines. 

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