Indiana manufacturing program expands

Posted by TGarland on 12/05/2013

We're big fans of worker training programs. And now here comes another one: Community colleges and economic developers in northwest Indiana (the Region!) are moving ahead with a skills training project next years.

The Portage Economic Development Corp. (PEDCO) will implement the Advancing Manufacturing program in 2014 to train workers for skilled manufacturing jobs.

Joyce Russell of the Northwest Indiana Times reports:

The program, sponsored by Ivy Tech Community College and Center for Workforce Innovations, aims to provide skills training for manufacturing jobs, assist in connecting people with those jobs and works to improve the image of manufacturing, said Craig Lamb of Ivy Tech's Corporate College in Lafayette.

The program will focus on training workers for middle skill jobs that require a high school education plus vocational training. The PEDCO class is funded by various resources and the is free to those who qualify. In a year, already-in-place resources that the program will draw on has match 14,920 applications with existing jobs in the area.

Stacey Jarrett Wagner of the National Institute of Standards and Technology argues for the expansion of partnerships like this in the Alliance for American Manufacturing’s new book, ReMaking America.

For more information on the Advanced Manufacturing program, visit their website.

Grab your own copy of ReMaking America here.

Image via Flickr user Department of Labor, following Creative Commons guidelines. 

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