Hoyer Talks Manufacturing at DC Conference

Posted by jeckert on 09/28/2010

Obama Stimulus Economy Today the National Press Club hosted a Conference on the Renaissance of American Manufacturing. House Majority Leader Steny Hoyer (D-MD) gave remarks on the Democrats' "Make It in America" agenda. Below are some of his comments on the importance of reviving American manufacturing: "I believe in the Make It In America agenda, not just because it is a legitimate and much-needed response to the joblessness and displacement of this recession--but because Making It In America is about laying a foundation for our future.  It is not the work of a few months--we'll return to it in the next Congress, and in the years after that.  It is one of the defining public policy challenges of this decade. "Because, after living through the worst economy since the Great Depression, the question we face is this: are the best days of American manufacturing and American innovation behind us?  Or are we going to come through this trial stronger? With wise policy choices today, we can get the answer that Americans need and demand. "And with the renaissance of American manufacturing will come the renaissance of the values that helped our parents and grandparents build the greatest economic engine the world has ever seen: their energy, their hope, their vision, their commitment to compete and win.  Those values are the key to realizing the American dream, for ourselves and for our children--a dream that it is still within our power to keep alive.  Those values are still our inheritance.  They must also be our future." Read his full remarks here.

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