How does Target compare to K-Mart and Wal-Mart when it comes to selling American-made products?

Posted by Anonymous on 06/07/2011

EDITOR'S UPDATE: Since this post was originally published there's been more news about the big-box stores. 
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July 2012: AAM's Leigh Raup investigates Target a year later. 
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Last month we investigated Wal-Mart’s claims that they’re selling more American-made products-- and found that stores across the country were actually selling predominantly foreign-made goods.

Yesterday we took a look at the origin of the items Alliance for American Manufacturing (AAM) Field Coordinator Dan Lawson found in his local K-mart, and determined that the vast majority of the store’s inventory—including quintessentially “American” items such baseball gloves, were manufactured abroad.

Today, as we continue our quest to find out which large chain discounter offers the largest selection of American-made products, we bring you Dan Lawson’ s report from a Target store in Bangor, Maine:

As I walked in the door, they were getting a delivery checked in, Sofa and Chair sets, country of origin China, not off to a good start.


All shoes were made in China, a big display of Croc’s sandals, also all made in China.
Woman’s Handbags priced from $5.00 to $49.99, all made in China Totes Umbrella, made in China. Hanes white socks were made in USA and El Salvador, same package, same price, you really had to look to see where they were made.  Fruit of the Loom socks, white made in Pakistan.
Men’s casual shorts, Bangladesh and Vietnam.
Levi’s shorts, made in Egypt.
Levi’s straight leg jeans Made in Lesotho.  Where the heck is Lesotho?  It is actually a small land locked country in South Africa.
Levi’s boot jeans, made in Pakistan.
Wrangler’s boot jeans, made in Nicaragua.
Polo Shirts all made in Vietnam.
Pullover shirts and T-shirts all made in Honduras and Haiti.
All the dress shirts in the store were made in Bangladesh. 


I could not find a TV, Clock Radio, or Stereo made in the USA.
Electronic Picture Frames, Sony, H-P, Kodak, all models made in China.


Pots and Pans: all except on was made in China.
Lamps: desk, table and floor models all made in China.
Restyle Bookcase was the only piece of furniture that was made in the USA.
Steam Irons: 7 models all from Sunbeam all made in China.
Ironing Boards: 4 to choose from, one for $13.99 and another for $19.99 both made in the USA, one from China for $37.99 and one from India for $54.99.
Fans: Honeywell had 7 different models, all made in China. Holmes Brand, (A.K.A. Sunbeam) 5 different models all made in China, Hunter, 2 models, both made in China.  Vernado, 1 model, designed, engineered, and assembled in the USA.

Vacuum Cleaners:

Bissell Sweeper: Made in China.
Shark brand: Made in China.
Dirt Devil: Made in China.
Eureka brand: Made in China.
Hoover Wind Tunnel: $299.00 made in Mexico.
Oreck: $299.00 Made in the USA.
Dyson: 3 models $399.00, $499.00 and one for $549.00 all made in Malaysia. Interesting side bar on this, as I was pulling boxes out to see where they were made, I am on my knees with my notepad in my hand. A young couple asked if I worked there, I told them sorry no, I was doing a project.  The young woman laughed and said on vacuums?  I explained I was looking to see if any were made in the USA.  Well they said they would look at the Oreck.  I hope I made the sale.

Lawn and Garden:

Wooden Rocking Chairs, made in Vietnam.
Gazebos, all made in China.
All Lawn furniture were either made in China or Indonesia.
Webber Grill, proudly made in the USA.
Char-Broil Grills all made in China, gas and charcoal.


Huge display of 66 different bikes from 4 manufacturers, Schwinn, Magna, Tony Hawk, and Mongoose, every single one was made in China.


Barbie Dolls, an American Icon, or so you would think.  18 different Barbie dolls, 6 made in China, 12 made in Indonesia.                                                                                                                                                                              Legos brand blocks, made in Denmark, Hungry, Mexico, and Czech Republic.  Fisher Price Brand blocks, made in China. Special Edition Games, in stylish wooden boxes, Monopoly, Clue, Scrabble, Life, and Risk, all made in China. Last but not least, a childhood favorite of mine, Lincoln Logs. I think of all the hours I spent building forts and houses, are now made in China.

So there you have it.  A not-so-encouraging report on  the types of American-made products sold at a Target in Bangor Maine. Have you been able to find many American-made items at your local Target? Let us know what you find and we’ll post your discoveries right here on ManufactureThis! You can submit your reports as comments below or email us at


Anonymous wrote 27 weeks 1 day ago

I prefer Target to Walmart of course!

Plus, all the Hanes socks and other cotton products made in El Salvador, and the people that work in this clothes factories are paid not even $200 a MONTH which is way less than what this bid companies could pay to these people there. I don't understand why they don't pay them more if sock are expensive here. So I don't like Walmart because they have stores in El Salvador and things are the same price as here, its crazy!! They only take advantage of this poor countries so they can earn even more when selling their goods!!

Anonymous wrote 1 year 1 week ago

"Made Everywhere Else" but here

I never really paid much attention to where the items I purchased were made. I work for an inventory company and have had the opportunity to check lables. I am much more aware and disappointed in what I find. Name brand designers selling pants for upwards of $100 & more "made in china". Also the high-end stores with their exclusive high end sections, upwards of $250 or more have items made in China. How can you justified this? I have been searching and trying to buy more "Made in USA". Diamond Tee-shirt company is homemade. New Balance, homemade, Powers Candy Co., veteran and family owed, homemade. Bring the jobs back home.

Anonymous wrote 1 year 14 weeks ago

Nordicware at Target

It is hard to shop for Made in USA products at Target and other stores, but I was happy to see that Nordicware pans are made in the US.

Anonymous wrote 1 year 27 weeks ago

Athletic shoes made in USA

New Balance is the only athletic shoe still made in America. I just bought a new pair. Love them!

Anonymous wrote 1 year 33 weeks ago

American Made Clothing

I just ordered tee shirts for myself and my grandsons from American Made Clothing - - they have a variety of clothing and accessories for both men and women and the quality is fantastic. I buy made in America jeans from Texas Brand Jeans - - which are great quality at a reasonable price. I never have a problem finding work boots or dress boots that are made in America. Carthart make high quality coats and jackets. Most Hanes socks are made in America. All anyone has to do is look for products that are made in America -- keep the jobs here!! I have reached a point of not shopping for certain items at the big box stores.

Anonymous wrote 2 years 28 weeks ago

American made towels

I bought 6 towels about 18 years ago and I still use them to this day!! The colors havechanged due to many washes and the use of bleach but, they still absorb well and are NOT thread bare. I an not count the towels from overseas that I have thrown away since buying those towels 18 years ago. I have tried very hard to find more American towels and can not find any.

Anonymous wrote 3 years 1 week ago

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Anonymous wrote 3 years 7 weeks ago

Sad state of our states

It is sad to walk into stores any more knowing there are millions of our fellow americans unemployed. Many praying that they could live the american dream once again. While congress debates tax cuts for the ones sending the jobs overseas and Mexico. Sad.

Anonymous wrote 3 years 7 weeks ago

Duracell Batteries , Toilet

Duracell Batteries , Toilet paper , Shampoo , And Deodorant .

Anonymous wrote 3 years 7 weeks ago

made in america series

Please include some comparisons of products made in U.S.A. vs. offshore.
As an example :
I have a twenty year old Weber grill that I replaced the burners in last week.The burners were available "off the shelf" at the local grill& fill store.Twenty years old,still looks great,parts available.
How many similar products made "offshore" can match that?
I think most people would pay a little more for the better quality product and I believe that better quality is in the U.S.A. made brands.

Anonymous wrote 3 years 7 weeks ago

So Who's The Best of The Awful?

I wasn't surprised at your reports. As a regular Walmart shopper, I knew that the proportion of "Made in the USA" products has dropped considerably since the passing of Sam Walton.

The question that y'all left unanswered was: even though apparently NONE of the three are selling great quantities of American-made items, which of them seem to be the best (even if "best" is defined as "least bad") about selling US-made goods? Enquiring minds want to know!

Anonymous wrote 3 years 7 weeks ago

USA Made Products in Target

Nalgene water bottles
Most Glad products but definitely look, the water bottles are not
Target brand sandwich bags, freezer bags, etc. And the Target storage bags are well made too, quality is equivalent to Ziplock and Glad.

Anonymous wrote 3 years 7 weeks ago

Products made in China

It is really sad that it is our own American companies that have decided to have things made in China for profit sake. It is totally unAmerican and the stock holders just think it is dandy as long as they are making money. Even when you search, it can be very hard to find things made in the USA. And all the new media gadgets developed here and all produced in China. Boo to Chinese made anything!

Anonymous wrote 3 years 7 weeks ago

Target selling Made in USA

6 different kids cards games...
Cat in the Hat "I can Do That" Wonder Forge brand made in CHina
I Spy Go Fish and Fancy Nancy Packing for Paris Briarpatch and MADE IN THE USA
Scrabble Slam by Habro/Parker Bros made in China
Pictureka and Ratuki (which, btw was developed by a friend of mine) both also by Hasbro/Parker Bros and MADE IN THE USA

So we are 2 of 6 being made in China. Guess I 'll have to read those labels a little more carefully!


Anonymous wrote 3 years 7 weeks ago


Since his debut on the horizon I have always been leery of WalMart.I with no degree in economics,sensed what was coming for our country in the future. America's Main street with his mom and pop stores,where service and quality were dished out equally was destined to be nonexistent.
Unfurtunately,my fears have became reality.WalMart might have led but even the high end stores have followed the cheap labor trend overseas.The results? Poor quality clothing .and is it any surprise that the manufacturing of goods embraced the trend towards profits not quality? I remember when having something from overseas,specifically Italy and France was just for the well to do.I was in Italy recently where ,thankfully,there is STILL a sense of pride in workmanship.
Target used to be one of my favorite stores .Now ? I buy on line from stores that sells items made in the USA,save gas,and most of the time get free shipping!

Anonymous wrote 3 years 7 weeks ago

Good Work

Finding American-made consumer items isn't easy, as we simply don't do much of that type of work in this country any more. I still feel that we're the best innovators in the world - it's a part of our culture, an attribute that's unique to America.

We lead the world in business services, entertainment, and information technology, so eschewing basic manufacturing hasn't been all bad (I'm sure you're familiar with comparative advantage)

That being said, there's nothing wrong with looking for American-made alternatives. I setup a website that searches Amazon for American-made goods. Check out: for more information.


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