How Balancing Trade Will Create Jobs

Posted by jeckert on 02/01/2011

Will a revised trade bill help to restore manufacturing and, thus jobs, to the United States of America? Bills Parks thinks so in his blog post at

Parks offers a revised proposal to the Balanced Trade Restoration Act of 2006 including a call for a Value Added Tax (VAT) that would help U.S. manufacturers compete internationally.  Parks says:

There are renewed calls for implementing a Value Added Tax (VAT) in the U.S. to help American manufacturers compete internationally. An overwhelming number of countries use the value added tax as a major revenue source and because it is allowed to be rebated and not counted as the export subsidy it is. It also operates to penalize imports.

Parks also calls for limiting Import Certificates in order to spark demand for domestic products and subsequently create jobs. 

Parks' revised proposal deserves some attention.  Read more.

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