This holiday season, shoppers search for American-made labels

Posted by LDonia on 11/19/2012

giftsAccording to a piece in the Los Angeles Times this weekend, “many consumers say they are more eager than ever to buy gifts made right here in America,” this holiday season.

The article’s writer Shan Li says vendors are more than happy to oblige, and are even making such items more visible.

This might be more easily said than done. Li states:

Industry experts say that 85% of the toys sold in America are made in China and more than 95% of the clothes are produced overseas. Most consumer electronics, too, are assembled beyond U.S. borders.

Li provides tips to shoppers on finding a range of American-made items, from toys to wine. Read more here.

The Alliance for American Manufacturing (AAM) will also be providing tips and suggestions for holiday shoppers starting this week and continuing through most of December. Please check back here regularly if you’re interested in learning more about how to be a savvy consumer of American-made items. And, if you’ve got a tip to share with us, please email it to

Image by Flickr user FutUndBeidl, used following Creative Commons guidelines.

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Anonymous wrote 1 year 40 weeks ago

American Made Gift Guide

I would love to share the American Made Holiday Gift Guide as a resource for everyone looking to give gifts made in USA for the Holidays.

There are so many wonderful options, and every gift we choose American made makes an impact!!

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