Hey Joe, Remember Infrastructure at Netroots

Posted by elizabethbb on 07/14/2014

The Alliance for American Manufacturing (AAM) is headed to Netroots Nation this week, where we’ll be spreading the word about the importance of supporting U.S. manufacturing and rebuilding our nation’s infrastructure.

Our team has a lot on tap for the conference, from hosting a session on the importance of manufacturing to the middle class to spreading the word in the exhibition hall to throwing the official conference after-party on Saturday night. But like many conference-goers, one of the things we’re most excited about is hearing Vice President Joe Biden speak on Thursday afternoon.

The Scranton, PA native often talks about the importance of manufacturing jobs, and also has spoken about the need to rebuild our nation’s infrastructure.

That's why we hope the Veep will bring up our infrastructure again at Netroots — while emphasizing the importance of Buy America, which gives U.S. firms and workers the opportunity to take on these crucial projects. After all, we can look to the San Francisco-Oakland Bay Bridge to find out what happens when officials decide to go with unproven foreign companies over American workers.

We’d also like to officially invite the Veep to stop by AAM's booth at Netroots, where the U.S. Steel Corporation's Body in White will be on display. We've even mocked up what his visit might look like:


Looking good, Joe. Lookin' real good.

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