Help Pennsylvania to Keep it "Made in America"-- Report USA-made versions of allegedly non-existent goods

Posted by scapozzola on 02/15/2013

The State of Pennsylvania has passed legislation requiring the Pennsylvnia Department of General Services (DGS) to develop an annual exempt list of machinery and equipment products that are not produced in sufficient quantities in the United States.  The list is open for a 30-day public comment period.

Please take a look at the list (found here.)

If you or anyone you know makes these products in the United States, let Pennsylvania know or else they will begin purchasing foreign-made goods.  To report an U.S.-made version of the product in question, follow the comment instructions on this page.

A full list is also included below:

Exempt Machinery and Equipment Steel Products
Air Conditioning Units
Air Duct Housing w/Sample Tubes
Air Handling Units
Anchor Bolt
Audio RA Station
Annunciator Panel
Audio RA Station
AV Rack Kit
Back Box
Battery Cabinet
Blank Filler Plate for Fiber
Blank Metal Door
Blank Plate for Outer Door
Bottom Dead Front Panel
Bridge for Cameras
Butterfly Valves
CCTV Power Supply
Ceiling Flange
Central Control Unit
Centrifugal pumps
Channel Video
Circulating Pump
Color Monitor
Conduit Fittings
Control Module Plate
Control Panel
Control Valve
Data Converter Unit
Digital Record
Door Protection
Door Trim/Handles
Drinking Fountain
Drop-In Anchors
Dry Tape Transformer
Dual Interface Module
Duct Detector w/Relay
Duct Housing
Ductless Split System
DVR Rack
Electric Traction Elevators
Electric Water Cooler
Elevator Controller
Elevator Hoistway
Encl. for Annunciator
Exit Devices
Exp Cage
Fender Washer
Fire Alarm NAC Extender
Fire Alarm Peripherals
Fixed Door Station
Flat Washer
Flexible Drops
Full Blank Plate
Galvanized Carriage Bolts
Garage Door Tracking
Hand Dryer
Hanger Mounting Plates
Hangers Supports
Hex Nut
Inner & Outer Door
Inner Door Blank Plate
Interface Module
Lag Bolts
Large Remote Cab
Lock Cylinders
Low Temp. Detection Thermostats
Lubrication Unit
Machine Screws
Main Control Board
Metal Lockers
Manual Pull Station
Med. Enclosure
Middle Dead Front
Mini-Interface Module
Monitor Mount
Monitor Wall Brk
Mounting Plate
Network Fiber Switch
Overhead Door
Overhead Stops
Patient Wandering Alarm
Pipe Clamps
Power Supply
Pull Station Box
RA Annunciator Pnl
Rack Mount Card Cage
Rack Mount Kit
Radiant Panels
Reader Interface
Relay Module
Remote Chiller
Round head machine screw
Sampling Tube
Security Panel
Security Unit
Security/CCTV Camera Housing
Self Turn Screw
Shower/eye washers
Signal Extender Module
Single Blank
Smoke Detector Wire
Split HVAC System
Split Ring Hangers
Split Rings
Split System Air Conditioning
SSD-C Remote Display w/Control
SSD-C-REM Rem Display
Stainless Flat Bars
Stainless Steel Cable
Submersible pump
Sump Pump
Surface Box
Surface Mount Speaker
Surface Station Box
Surge Arrester
Surge Protector
T8 Light Troffer
Tamper Proof Screws & Nuts
Threaded Rod Hanger
Tie Wire Anchor
Toggle Wing
Turbine pumps
Uninterruptible Power Supply
VRV Fan Coils/Cond. Units
Wall Mtd. Fountain
Water Coolers
Water Heater
Weatherproof Back Box
Wing Toggle




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