Happy Labor Day!

Posted by mmcmullan on 08/30/2013

The long Labor Day weekend is only a few hours away, and we at the Alliance for American Manufacturing hope you've got a good one planned with friends and family. And we hope you're able to keep it American-made.

But if, instead, you unfortunately find yourself inside and stuck at a computer, take a moment to read up on the history of the holiday.

And then, take a moment to support a measure that will create more jobs for America's workforce: Send your Congressional representative a note asking them to sign on to the Currency Reform for Fair Trade Act.

And don't forget, whether this holiday finds you at a beach, barbeque, or a ballgame, don't forget what John Locke once said:

All wealth is the product of labor.

Image from the Kheel Center, via Flickr, used following Creative Commons guidelines.

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