Gathered in the USA

Posted by TGarland on 04/15/2014

A little squirrel bait arrived at our office this week.

The Alliance for American Manufacturing (AAM) DC staff is enjoying Gatherer’s Gourmet Granola for breakfast, lunch, and, well, just about any time of the day.

Gatherer’s Gourmet Granola was founded in 2010 with the idea that things that are good for you should taste great too. Located in Schenectady, NY, Gatherer’s has grown to 13 employees and is sold in 11 states. And Gatherer’s founder Sandro Gerbini attributes their success partly to America’s appreciation of the “underdog:”

Gatherer's Gourmet Granola couldn't have made it through its first three years if it wasn't an American start-up. The culture in our nation is uniquely gung-ho about entrepreneurs and the risks involved with launching a new venture. Gatherer's has benefited enormously from the support of friends and family, our local community, our customers and our financial backers, all of whom have gone out of their way to ensure that my company has fighting chance to be a success.

We have found that Americans appreciate the story of an unlikely start-up as much as the great products that the company produces. It is this wonderfully American attitude that makes it possible for ventures like mine to flourish.

It’s looking like we’ll be making another order soon!

All items are available on Gatherer’s Gourmet Granola.


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