Garamendi emphasizes importance of Buy America preferences

Posted by LDonia on 11/21/2013

Democratic Congressman John Garamendi (CA-3), an outspoken advocate for Buy America legislation, spoke on the House floor Tuesday evening about infrastructure and job creation.

During his speech he emphasized the importance of having a Buy America provision in the Water Resources Development Act. Said Garamendi:

One other thing that is possible here is not only will we create jobs directly in building the ports, dredging the rivers and channels, building the levees and repairing them—those are direct jobs. Not only will we do that. We will also have the long-term foundation, the investment necessary for future economic growth. We will also, if we do one more thing—and I hope to get this into the legislation. That is to make sure that there is a strong buy America provision.

This is going to be American taxpayer money that is going to be used for the steel in the locks, for the cement, for the pilings in the piers and probably the dredges that will be used for the channel. This is all American taxpayer money that will be used to buy and maintain that equipment. If it is American taxpayer money, then, by golly, you ought to be buying American goods. So buy American. Use our taxpayer money to build the rest of the manufacturing sector of America. Build our steel industry by buying American steel for the locks and for the piers and for the cement and for the other work that needs to be done. Make it in America. It is very simple. Use American taxpayer money to make it in America and to buy American goods.

So I am going to be working very diligently on that conference committee to make sure that this buy America provision is strongly embedded in the legislation. I know that if we are able to do that, we will not only improve our levees, dredge the channels, build the ports, but we will also have the opportunity to make American jobs in the manufacturing sector.

Agree with Congressman Garamendi? Tell your Congressperson to support Buy America legislation.

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