FTA Administrator Peter Rogoff sees manufacturing comeback for America thanks to Buy America preferences

Posted by scapozzola on 02/28/2013

Federal Transit Administration head Peter Rogoff has encouraging words for U.S. manufacturing.  In a new editorial posted at Fast Lane, the Department of Transporation's blog, Rogoff says that investments in U.S. infrastructure and rail transit systems could help power a revival of U.S. industry.

Rogoff cited the hundreds of firms that produce vehicles and components for public transit systems and praised Buy America preferences that ensure tax dollars are invested in "both riders and in workers":

"...thanks to our Buy America requirements—standards that ensure American-made products are used in every transportation project funded in part by the FTA –our investments are helping even more American workers, including the men and women who produce the steel and aluminum TransTech uses in its components. Through Buy America, we're putting a 'Made In America' stamp on as many transit vehicles and components as we can."

Rogoff also praised a reduction in the number of waivers being issued for products that can't be supplied by U.S. manufacturers:

"Consider this: the FTA has reduced the number of Buy America waivers from more than forty in 2009 to just three in 2012. The Obama Administration is serious about building a stronger middle-class, and to do that we need to create and protect American manufacturing jobs."

Rogoff sees this as a common sense step toward "investing in America."

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