A Foxconn factory may be coming to a town near you...

Posted by LDonia on 11/09/2012

There's news that that Foxconn may build a manufacturing plant in the United States.

We've previously reported on the rough labor conditions at Foxconn factories in China, including an incident where roughly 1,000 workers rioted at a facility, in Chengdu, China, that manufactures Apple's iPad and iPhone.  Those riots were not a surprise to those who have followed running accounts of the assembly facility's grueling labor conditions.

Tech magazine Fast Company says Foxconn is considering Los Angeles and Detroit as potential locations for a factory.  Additionally, Digitimes mentions that Foxconn may go beyond just manufacturing and include a university training program.

From Digitimes:

Meanwhile, Foxconn chairman Terry Guo, at a recent public event, noted that the company is planning a training program for US-based engineers, bringing them to Taiwan or China to take part in the processes of product design and manufacturing.

The program will give the engineers an environment to learn the Chinese language, first-hand expereince in the manufacturing process, and a training that can be helpful after they return to the US, he added.

Foxconn is already in discussion with Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) over such a program, Guo disclosed.

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Image of one of Foxconn's factories in China by Flickr User renaissancechambara, used following Creative Commons guidelines.

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