Fmr. Transportaion Secretary Ray LaHood urges infrastructure investment

Posted by TGarland on 12/02/2013

In the aftermath of the tragic Metro North crash in New York this weekend, American infrastructure is getting a ton of attention in the media.

This morning, former Secretary of Transportation Ray LaHood said the U.S. has not made the necessary investments in infrastructure in recent years.

Said Secretary LaHood on MSNBC’s Morning Joe:

It’s going to be up to Congress, it’s going to be up to the administration, and the people to decide that they are sick and tired of driving on crumbling roads, bad and dangerous bridges, and riding on 50-year-old transit systems. ... People in Washington are afraid to make these kinds of investments.

During the discussion, LaHood pointed out a key benefit of infrastructure investment — its an opportunity to put Americans to work.

We couldn’t agree more. But not only would infrastructure spending boost employment, stable infrastructure is vital to our national security. Former Homeland Security Assistant Secretary Robert Stephan explains in a report:

The nation’s worn out infrastructure is the soft underbelly that provides an inviting target for attacks that can have a widespread, devastating impact. Hardening our critical infrastructure is key to preventing and mitigating disastrous events such as terrorist attacks or natural disasters concerning power plants, pipelines, and transportation systems.

Infrastructure investment is a win-win scenario. It is vital to the physical health of our nation and has the ability to put millions of the unemployed and underemployed back to work. But will Washington get the ball rolling?

Watch more discussion of a ’10-year’ infrastructure plan from Morning Joe.

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