First in ads, now in stump speeches, candidates continue to make China a hot topic

Posted by LDonia on 09/26/2012

The presidential candidates continue to escalate their rhetoric on China, and continue to run battling campaign ads.

President Obama’s “Tire Ad” cites his action to impose tariffs on Chinese-made tires in an effort to save American jobs. The ad goes on to quote Romney as saying that Obama’s action was “bad for the nation.”

Not to be outdone, the Romney campaign has been running “Stand up to China” ad that suggests President Obama has not taken sufficient action to stop China from stealing American ideas and technology.

Lest the messages languish on the airwaves, the candidates are also discussing the issue on the stump. President Obama’s campaign informed ABC News this morning that he’ll be highlighting his record dealing with China when he addresses crowds in Ohio.

According to the message the campaign sent ABC, the speech will emphasize that:

The Obama Administration has taken action to hold China accountable, bringing more trade cases against China in one term than the previous administration did in two–and we’ve been winning. And while Governor Romney said stopping an unfair surge in Chinese tires would be bad for our workers, the President politely declined that advice and protected more than 1,000 American jobs.

This is probably not the last we’ll hear from either campaign on this issue. Rest assured, as long as the candidates talk about China, ManufactureThis will keep our readers informed about it.

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