Filmmakers see bright future for American manufacturing ... maybe

Posted by LDonia on 08/27/2013

If you follow the Alliance for American Manufacturing's (AAM) Twitter account, you may recall that, back in July, we hosted a special screening of the film American Made Movie.

Senator Angus King (I-ME) attended and we presented Mark Andol, owner of the Made in America store, with a special award for his commitment to American-made products.

Also in attendance were Vincent Vittorio and Nathaniel McGill, makers of American Made Movie. Yesterday, the Wall Street Journal's Marketwatch blog published an opinion piece penned by Vittorio and McGill, who make it clear they believe American manufacturing has a great shot at a comeback.

What will it take to get the sector back on its feet?

Vittorio and McGill highlight a few things: More education programs that focus on the skills necessary to flourish in manufacturing careers; a consumer base that pays attention to where the products it purchases are made; a governmental agency dedicated to dealing with manufacturing; and tax incentives for companies that make products in the United States.

On this last point, Vittorio and McGill write:

As filmmakers, we get tax incentives for making our movies in certain states. Why not do the same for manufacturing companies? Tax incentives would keep U.S. companies from outsourcing and lure jobs back from overseas. In fact, this idea of bringing companies back to America would help bring almost five million jobs to our shores by 2020, reducing our stagnant unemployment rate by three percentage points.

If you're interested in the film (which opens nationwide on Friday and includes AAM President Scott Paul) or just want to hear more of what Vittorio and McGill have to say, tune into The Ed Show this Thursday (8/29/13) on MSNBC around 5:45pm. Both filmmakers will be guests on Ed Shultz's show.

Read Vittorio and McGill's opinion here.

Photo of American Made Movie's tour bus parked outside AAM's DC office.

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