Federal Transit Administration (FTA) supports American-made vans that are wheelchair-accessible

Posted by scapozzola on 12/03/2012

As we've previously reported, in recent years the U.S. government has been purchasing wheelchair-accessible vans from overseas.  Previously, Chrysler had manufactured such vehicles, but after they ceased production, there were no American manufacturers for wheelchair vans.  Because of this, the Federal Transportation Administration (FTA) asked for an exemption from following Buy America requirements.

Now, however, Vehicle Production Group (VPG) is manufacturing these vehicles in the U.S.  For this reason, it had asked the FTA to withdraw the waiver.  As VPG's CEO Fred Drasner explains, “Actually, the waiver said until there was an American product available, it stayed in force. So by its own terms, it should be over.”

The Department of Transportation agrees with VPG and has now rescinded its waiver, stating that it "rescinds the waiver after confirming that the Vehicle Production Group has started producing a substantially similar vehicle, the MV-1, in the United States."

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