February 3, 2014: AAM's poll is about to drop, and a Super Bowl ads recap

Posted by LDonia on 02/03/2014

Welcome back to the work week, America. We hope you’ve fully digested all your Super Bowl snacks and have a lovely few days of juice cleanses ahead. Or not. It doesn’t matter, really.

We’ll discuss last night’s game (or more specifically, a couple of commercials) in a moment. But why bury the lede: Something big is happening today! And it has nothing to do with sports.

Any guesses? No? Okay, we’ll tell you.

Later this morning the Alliance for American Manufacturing (AAM) is releasing its voters poll. We won't spoil it for you here. You’ll find all sorts of interesting pieces of information in there, and we don’t want to give away too much, but let’s suffice it to say: American voters think the country’s manufacturing agenda is not bold enough. Stay tuned to our website for more!

What, that's not enough for you? You’re way too anxious for the AAM poll to wait until 11:00? Understandable. Zeke J. Miller at Time offered a preview of it last week:

The trade group’s survey, jointly conducted in early January by Democratic and Republican polling firms, found that a plurality 45 percent of Americans blame government policies that ‘encourage outsourcing or this country’s lack of a national manufacturing strategy to compete with China and other countries.’ The poll also found that Americans rank the loss of manufacturing jobs as their top economic concern.

Now let that hold you over for another 30 minutes or so. We have other business to attend to!

As for last night’s Super Bowl, you know your friends at AAM were thrilled to see American manufacturing take the spotlight in some of the evening’s most discussed commercials.

WeatherTech, a company that makes floormats for cars, allowed ‘Made in the USA’ to take center stage in its commercial:

Can’t see the video? Click here.

And Chrysler, as it often does, boasted its “Made in Detroit” status through the words of folk-rock legend Bob Dylan.

Smart move by both companies, as you’ll see in AAM’s upcoming poll: Americans want (and are even willing to pay extra for) the ‘Made in America’ label.

As for the rest of the week: in addition to focusing on our poll, we’ll also look back on President Obama’s post-SOTU tour last week, and speculate on what his stops and remarks might mean for the future of American manufacturing -- especially in light of the jobs report that's coming this Friday. And of course, we’ll start talking Olympics toward the end of the week.

And finally, ICYMI: while we we've been mulling football and Philip Seymour Hoffman, there’s been trade talk going on. Will Dunham at Reuters reports that Secretary of State John Kerry is downplaying Senator Majority Leader Harry Reid’s opposition to the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP). And, in loosely-related news, Walter Loeb at Forbes is not impressed by Wal-Mart’s alleged commitment to U.S. manufacturing.

That’s all for now. Have a great week, stay warm and dry! See you Friday.


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