February 24, 2014: More links in the #mfg hub chain

Posted by mmcmullan on 02/24/2014


And why hello there, America. You’re looking well! We can’t say the same for ourselves; we barely got any sleep while watching all of the college hoops action. But no rest for the weary! There’s manufacturing news afoot:

First up: Tomorrow the White House will announce a few more of the links in the network of manufacturing hubit's been pushing. These are, you’ll recall, public-private partnerships based on existing models that are meant to generate industrial R&D … and, ultimately, manufacturing jobs. The next two hubs will be placed in Detroit Rock City and Sweet Home Chicago.

What’s our take? As part of a larger industrial policy, manufacturing hubs are a great idea. On their own, manufacturing hubs are a great idea that won’t be enough to seriously revive employment in the manufacturing sector. Here are our ideas for a fuller policy.

What else: The Alliance for American Manufacturing (AAM) is visiting Milwaukee, Wisconsin this week where we’ll be talking about that aforementioned industrial policy … and, specifically, about what’s necessary to train a skilled manufacturing workforce. If you’re in the area, drop the cheese curds, come on out, and pick up a book! (Actually, bring the cheese curds, we love cheese.)

ICYMI: All of the flags purchased by the Department of Defense are now, by law, 100 percent American-made. If only we could say the same about many of the key components in our military’s weapons systems.

And lastly: Twitter asked rock legend Tom Morello what his favorite Rush song is:

Walmart’s Buy American ad campaign wouldn’t be so eye-rolling, maybe, if it made a more serious monetary commitment to its procurement promise.

And that’s it. That's it and that’s all, America! We’ll catch up with you at the end of the week.


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