February 14, 2011 Headlines: Chinese Economic Success, U.S. Trade Deficit, the President's Budget, and More

Posted by smorgante on 02/14/2011

Two must-reads from the weekend: Steve Pearlstein on manufacturing and Lou Uchitelle on innovation (and manufacturing).

The President’s budget proposal is out today.  One feature: a $556 billion infrastructure plan

Speaking of infrastructure, listen to this NPR report on Oregon’s United Streetcar—American-made transit. 

When it comes to red ink, nothing can match America’s staggering trade deficit with China.  Look at how trade has shifted over the past two decades. 

It’s official: China overtook Japan as the world’s number 2 economy last year. 

House Republicans want to keep Chinese interests out of our space program. 

China wants to build a “dry canal” through Colombia, and use it as a platform for getting Chinese goods to the Americas.

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