Posted by LRaup
• 05/09/2014

Summer is quickly approaching. So for Fashion Friday this week, the Alliance for American Manufacturing (AAM) looks to Wellen, a premium beach lifestyle brand.

Wellen was founded in 2007 by Matthew Jung.  All their products are Made in the USA and they focus solely on men’s apparel.  Jung says his inspiration came from the ocean.

Posted by LRaup
• 05/02/2014

April showers have brought May flowers to DC in the form of floral rain boots.

Here at the Alliance for American Manufacturing, we are glad the sun is shining again after several days of rain. But while it was raining, monsooning, all of the above, we looked to made-in-USA TwoAlity rain boots to keep our feet dry!

Posted by LRaup
• 04/25/2014

It’s Fashion Friday again, and this chilly Spring weather has got us stumped. Tank top or sweater? Flip flops or boots? If you’re looking for an American-made way to keep up with the hot and cold weather, then check out Everlane’s Tees and Sweatshirts. Their factory is located in Los Angeles, and they produce 100% Made in USA products for women.

Posted by LRaup
• 04/18/2014

With the holiday weekend fast approaching, who wouldn’t want an American-made outfit to show off to family and friends?

Posted by LRaup
• 04/11/2014

Happy Fashion Friday! It’s finally time for the weekend, and the Alliance for American Manufacturing (AAM) has found the perfect way to spice up your spring fashion statements: Eliza B. American-made belts!

Posted by LRaup
• 04/04/2014

Spring is officially here in Washington, DC and The Alliance for American Manufacturing (AAM) has been looking for a way to brighten our warm weather looks! What could be a better way to incorporate spring colors into fashion than by American Made nail polish? There’s certainly nothing more simple.

Posted by LRaup
• 03/28/2014

Fashion Friday is back again! And since the start of Spring has been more like Winter’s after-party, a "Made in USA" way to keep warm is essential.

What's better than staying warm and fashionable at the same time? Few things, as most ladies know. So for all the fashionistas out there, say “hello” to Berkshire hosiery.

Posted by LDonia
• 02/07/2014

The last time the Alliance for American Manufacturing posted a "Fashion Friday" piece, we covered American-made jeans at every price point. We received a great reaction.

Posted by LDonia
• 01/17/2014

In recent months, the Alliance for American Manufacturing (AAM) has received some messages from readers who are concerned about a Fashion Friday listing from December of 2011. The listing features a denim company called "Not Your Daughter's Jeans." Readers are (rightfully) concerned that recent purchases from the company no longer seem to be "Made in Amer

Posted by LDonia
• 11/22/2013

A quick glance at the Weather Channel's temperature map reveals that the majority of the country is experiencing temperatures of about 50 degrees or fewer. And ... our descent has begun into full-throttle holiday season. Which all adds up to mean one thing: the return of festive sweaters!

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