Posted by LRaup
• 06/27/2014

Happy National Sunglasses Day! Here at the Alliance for American Manufacturing (AAM), we’re looking forward to heading out in the summer sun with our favorite American-made shades!

With Made in America sunglasses from Randolph Engineering, you can make a patriotic fashion statement any time.

Posted by elizabethbb
• 06/20/2014

In French, Jolie means “pretty” and Elizabeth translates to “promise.” In 2010, when Jodie Bensen and Sarah Elizabeth Dewey established their women’s fashion company, Jolie & Elizabeth, in New Orleans, they used their own names as inspiration. 

Posted by elizabethbb
• 06/13/2014

For more than 40 years, Frank Clegg has honed and perfected his skill of working with leather in his Massachusetts workshop. His company, Frank Clegg Leatherworks, designs and crafts a variety of products, including briefcases, luggage, backpacks, wallets, electronic cases, and belts.

Posted by LRaup
• 06/06/2014

Father’s Day is almost here, and if you’re looking for the perfect gift, The Alliance for American Manufacturing (AAM) has found a great American made option: Bow Ties!

Established in 1993 by Bill Kenerson, Beau Ties Ltd. Of Vermont touts its products as, “Beau ties. Always in style. Never commonplace.”

Posted by LRaup
• 05/30/2014

Sail through summer days and nights ahead with TipsySkipper.

This Fashion Friday the Alliance for American Manufacturing (AAM) is highlighting a Made in America company founded by Kearsley Lloyd called ... you guessed it ... TipsySkipper. Kearsley made her dreams of owning her own line become a reality through several internships and hard work.

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• 05/23/2014

New Balance footwear was founded in 1906 by William J. Riley. The company was originally known as the “New Balance Arch Support Company,” but is known to many today as “New Balance Athletic Shoe Inc."
Headquartered in Boston, the company has made a big manufacturing footprint here in the U.S. with some chains in the U.K.
New Balance are recognized for certain features that make them unique and worth the price. 

Posted by scapozzola
• 05/16/2014

Taylor Stitch is a clothing company based in San Francisco. The company has a unique and versatile collection of styles for men and women, all manufactured in the U.S.  A new collection is released weekly. Here’s a part of their story:

Posted by LRaup
• 05/09/2014

Summer is quickly approaching. So for Fashion Friday this week, the Alliance for American Manufacturing (AAM) looks to Wellen, a premium beach lifestyle brand.

Wellen was founded in 2007 by Matthew Jung.  All their products are Made in the USA and they focus solely on men’s apparel.  Jung says his inspiration came from the ocean.

Posted by LRaup
• 05/02/2014

April showers have brought May flowers to DC in the form of floral rain boots.

Here at the Alliance for American Manufacturing, we are glad the sun is shining again after several days of rain. But while it was raining, monsooning, all of the above, we looked to made-in-USA TwoAlity rain boots to keep our feet dry!

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