Fashion Friday: Wool coats made in a city that hasn't seen a snowstorm since 1976.

Posted by LDonia on 01/25/2013

PvFWe’ve finally gotten to that time of year…the time where one must make his or her personal fashion statements with outerwear.

Poppy von Frohlich (PvF) is here to help!

The San Francisco-based wool coat company specializes in limited editions. Every six weeks, the company posts a sample of a new coat style. The company sets a cap on how many coats it will manufacture of each design. Then the fine folks at PvF bring the sample to the local garment factory and production begins.

Poppy von Frohlich’s website reiterates the company’s commitment to locally made goods:

We manufacture all of our coats in San Francisco, Ca., in legitimate factories that provide their workers with living wages and a clean working environment.

You can see PvF’s currently-available coats here.

(Image from Poppy von Frohlich's website.)

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