Fashion Friday for our cold-weather friends

Posted by LDonia on 01/11/2013

It’s easy for people like me, hunkered down in Washington, DC, to forget that a lot of the country is experiencing a real winter.

This Fashion Friday post is dedicated to those who have seen temperatures drop below freezing and might even have a sheet of snow blanketing their town right now.

Chippewa Boots manufactures a line of Made in the USA footwear (for both men and women). The boots are made in Carthage, MO (it isn’t clear from the website if Chippewa has multiple factories in the United States) and those interested can watch a “Factory Tour” video.

Pictured are the Chocolate Apache Loggers, but you can see the rest of the American-made items by visiting Chippewa's site here and searching for "Made in the USA."

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