Fashion Friday: Kevan Hall

Posted by Anonymous on 11/18/2011

Though designer Kevan Hall’s high-end creations are donned by the likes of celebrities such as Vanessa Williams, Salma Hayek, and even first lady Michelle Obama, Hall understands that the fashion industry’s impact extends far beyond the red carpet.  As NPR recently reported:

“Hall says fashion still matters in these tough economic times because it's a huge industry nationwide, and particularly in California and New York.

"You have to think about the mills that are making fabrics. You think about ... the people that are sitting down, stitching the clothing. There's still a lot of industry and a lot of manufacturing that's done here, and it's an important part of our economy," he says.”

We like Hall’s attitude, and hope that he inspires other designers to start manufacturing their products domestically.

Click here to view Kevan Hall’s collection.

Click here to listen to his NPR interview.

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