Fashion Friday: Birdwell

Posted by LDonia on 07/27/2012

As the temperature surpasses the 100-degree mark, swimming and air conditioning seem to be the only options for relief. While air britchesconditioning requires no special apparel, those looking for American-made bathing suits can look no farther than Birdwell.

Started in 1961 by Carrie Mann, Birdwell has been family-owned and operated for four generations in Santa Ana, CA.

Birdwell makes board shorts of varying lengths and fits. The company’s website acknowledges the power of its product:

Without our seeking, distributors from France, Japan, Peru, Australia… catalog retail from everywhere. We have grown with minimum advertising, no salesmen. Just hard work, integrity, beautiful BRITCHES, and faith.

And while it’s never mentioned on Birdwell’s site, ABC News reports that the company’s swimwear was worn on “Baywatch.”

Learn more about Birdwell here.

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