Everlane's Made in USA Tees for Women

Posted by LRaup on 04/25/2014

It’s Fashion Friday again, and this chilly Spring weather has got us stumped. Tank top or sweater? Flip flops or boots? If you’re looking for an American-made way to keep up with the hot and cold weather, then check out Everlane’s Tees and Sweatshirts. Their factory is located in Los Angeles, and they produce 100% Made in USA products for women.

Everlane has roughly 120 employees working in their L.A. factory. It was established in 2004. The company relies heavily on California-based cotton suppliers to create their products.

Our company would not exist today without the support of our jersey cotton supplier. We met them in the early days of founding the company and have stuck with them since. They’re one of the few mills in Los Angeles that also handles finishing of fabric.
Our women’s T-shirt fabric is a 40-single yarn—a term to denote the weight of the fabric—made of 100% Supima cotton. All of the cotton is grown directly in the United States and shipped to the mill.

Everlane has received several outstanding reviews in the time that it has been producing American-made products. The L.A. Times said:

When it comes to fashion today it’s easy to be overwhelmed by choice and confused about what things really cost. Enter the Web-only Everlane, founded on a less-is-more philosophy.

Head over to Everlane’s website for the perfect Made in USA tee, or a sweatshirt to stay warm on the cool Spring days.


This blog post was written by Alliance for American Manufacturing intern Pamela Tom-Jack.

Image via Everlane

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