Eric Cantor's "Steve Jobs Plan"

Posted by smorgante on 10/25/2011

House Majority Leader Rep. Eric Cantor (R-VA) has come out with a counterproposal to President Obama’s recent jobs push. Billing it a “Steve Jobs Plan,” the purpose of his proposal is to encourage innovation and creative thinking. As The Hill reports:

Cantor invoked the late Apple co-founder Steve Jobs as a “trailblazer” and an example of the classic American success story. “Through his example, you can see that America needs more than a jobs plan. It needs a Steve Jobs plan,” Cantor wrote. In a Steve Jobs Plan, those who are successful not only create good jobs and services “that make our lives better, they also give back and help everyone move just a little bit further up the ladder and everybody wins.”

Rep. Cantor might want to read up on the whole Steve Jobs story. Yes, his products were groundbreaking and he was an amazing innovator and designer. But his company's goods were manufactured in China. We’ve often reported on the deplorable working conditions at Foxconn, the main manufacturer of Apple’s products.

Innovation is certainly important, but as we have shown before, innovation is not the only key to economic success. Manufacturing matters, too. 

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