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Remember: Manufacturing still pays a premium.

Manufacturing work still pays a premium, as has been recently reported. And in it (if you ask management) there are plenty of jobs to be filled. So many that there’s been a small bump in the effort to recruit white-collar workers to the trades.

Reports the New York Times:

There are people at all ages going through a career with a mundane job who have been unexcited about going into work and are looking at these skilled-trade jobs with increasing interest, said Bryan Kamm, a work force consultant who is leading an apprenticeship initiative in Florida’s Cape Kennedy area called the Space Coast Consortium Apprenticeship Initiative.

“These manufacturing apprenticeships are no longer blue-collar work,” Mr. Kamm said, “but require highly technically advanced skills that include a great command of mathematics, physics, hydraulics, robotics and information technology.”

Is it a movement? It’s unclear. But if you’ve got a desk job and hate it, a manufacturing career may be the way to go. Read the whole article here.