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If the manufacturing data is any indication (and it isn't), the Buckeyes come out on top.

It's not the Super Bowl, but it's pretty close: Tonight's the night of the first college football championship determined by a playoff format.

We've got the University of Oregon facing off against Ohio State, and our office is split. "I have confidence in Urban Meyer," said Buckeyes backer and AAM field coordinator Deb Ackerman. "Marcus Mariota and the Ducks will wear out the Buckeyes with their fast-paced offense and pull away to a blowout victory in the third quarter," responded Oregon superfan and AAM Senior Vice President Scott Boos (sources tell us Boos is married to an Oregon alumni).

"Go Ducks," he added. 

How will it shake out? It's hard to say; I'm no sports analyst. But now is good a time as any to look at the manufacturing footprints in the hometowns of these college football powerhouses. Let's crunch the numbers so you'll have something to talk about while munching on chips and dip during the commercial breaks in tonight's game:




Located in…



City Population



Number of Manufacturing Jobs in City



Number of Manufacturing Jobs in State
(July 2014)



City Nickname

The Biggest Small Town in America, Cbus

The Emerald Valley, Track Town

Manufacturing at a Glance

auto parts manufacturing, coated fabrics, appliances, telephone components

bicycles, recreational vehicles, lumber, food processing, software products

Noteworthy Manufacturers
Headquartered in the City


Worthington Industries (steel); Momentive Specialty Chemicals (chemicals); Owens Corning (industrial and automotive insulation)

Bike Friday (bicycles); Burley (more bikes); Marathon Coach (luxury buses)