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And the proof is in the numbers.

There's a new video out on the Alliance for American Manufacturing's YouTube channel! 

This one is about the Section 232 steel and aluminum tariffs the Trump administration raised last year to protect the domestic steel and aluminum industries – both pillars of the U.S. industrial base – and the returns those tariffs have brought in. Got two minutes? Check it out:

Yep: American steel and aluminum are getting back on their feet. If you want them to stay standing, click here (or down below) to send a message to Washington, DC: Don’t back a bill that would weaken trade enforcement tools that are clearly working.

Keep Our Trade Laws Strong!

The American government is finally fighting back against unfairly traded steel and aluminum imports that have put American jobs and our national security at risk. And the policy is beginning to work: Mills are re-opening, and thousands of jobs are coming back to places like Lone Star, Texas, and Granite City, Illinois. But some in Congress want to undo all of this with dangerous legislation that would weaken our trade tools.

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