Donald Trump addresses CPAC crowds on key AAM issues

Posted by LRaup on 03/07/2014

The Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC) has come and gone. But while it was in town, the Alliance for American Manufacturing (AAM) was on hand to spread the good word. Thursday, real estate mogul Donald Trump took the stage to address enthusiastic attendees, and it's no secret: The Donald makes (odd) news.

While he's no stranger to controversy or sound bites, we were happy to hear him touch on a few of our own issues while addressing the conference. Here's what he said:

He's right: Today's trade deficit figures only confirm Trump's concerns. January saw the trade deficit with China clock in at $28.7 billion dollars.

Now here's the Donald on China currency manipulation:

He's right again: China manipulates its currency, and it's done so for years. Getting the Chinese government to knock it off would create a lot of American jobs.

And he also touched on jobs:

And he's absolutely right. To seriously strengthen the American economy, job creation via a prosperous manufacturing sector are pivotal.

It's important to take what Donald Trump says with a grain of salt. But, there's no denying that Republicans care about American manufacturing just as much as Democrats do. In fact, during the 2012 elections, GOP presidential candidate Mitt Romney and his fellow Republicans downticket spent a lot of time and treasure saying that China is a currency manipulator and that America should rebalance its trade relationship with Beijing.

Unfortunately, recent years have seen other party leaders ignore that sentiment -- most famously when  Minority Leader Mitch McConnell fillibustered a bipartisan bill that would have address China's unfair currency practices.

Donald Trump fired up the crowd at CPAC by pinpointing some of the very issues that AAM cares about! Surprising. Now if he can just knock off the loads of goofy stuff, we might even find ourselves applauding him now and then.


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