Department of Transportation reiterates support for Buy America

Posted by LDonia on 12/05/2012

On Monday ManufactureThis reported that the Federal Transit Administration (FTA) had rescinded its Buy America waiver for wheelchair-accessible vans.

Yesterday, Fast Lane, the official blog of U.S. Transportation Secretary Ray LaHood, reiterated the DOT's commitment to Buy America.

From Fast Lane:

As Federal Transit Administrator Peter Rogoff said, "We hear over and over from companies participating on FTA-funded projects that they must use a certain part that can only be made overseas. But here’s what we’ve learned: If you challenge American companies to source their products here in America—rather than abroad—they can and will find a way to do so."

That’s why, over the last five years, FTA has been able to dramatically reduce the number of approved Buy America waivers –requests from companies that need a part from overseas– from more than 37 down to just three this year.

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