December 5, 2011 Headlines: China and the Euro, Manufacturing Job Skills, Low Demand, and More

Posted by smorgante on 12/05/2011

NYT: China is reluctant to bail out the Euro.

CPD: Manufacturing can only be strong with a skilled, well-trained workforce.

WaPo: Low demand is what’s keeping the jobs numbers down, not taxes or regulations.

Bloomberg: As demand picks up for cars, automakers are set for their best performance in three years.

USAT: The Chevy Volt beat the Nissan Leaf in November sales.

The Hill: Does the recent economic news herald a turning point for Obama?

WSJ: more on the potential upside for Obama in the new jobs numbers.

NYT: China is cracking down on free and fair elections for local offices.

The Hill: Congressmen and Senators want to see an investigation into China’s unfair trade practices.

WSJ: Roundtable discussion of the November jobs report.

WSJ: How many jobs were really created in November?


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