December 22, 2011 Headlines: False Dawn for the Economy, Hondas Made in China, Wukan Update, and More

Posted by smorgante on 12/22/2011

NYT: Is the economy truly rising, or is this a false dawn?

AP: The economy grew slower in the summer than initially thought.

NYT: Hondas Made in China are now being sold in North America.

WaPo: As European banks begin cutting back lending, American exporters prepare to face the new reality.

HuffPo: Dave Johnson on restoring our “Industrial Commons”.

WSJ: A resolution in Wukan, one that actually listens to the protesters.

Bonddad: Making the case for a manufacturing comeback.

WSJ: Which is the biggest China story of 2011?

NPR: Two million construction jobs disappeared in the past five years, and only about half will ever come back.

Ezra Klein: The year in charts.

WSJ: Charting the Euro crisis.

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Anonymous wrote 2 years 36 weeks ago

Infrastructure BS

I just received a response from my state rep about HR 3533. He gave me a bunch of BS about how it cost too much to use American made products, and how we are living in a global economy. Should we should be expected to be happy to give what we have to the rest of the world so we can move DOWN to their standard of living? These people just do not make any sense. I say buy American: especially with American money.

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