December 19, 2011 Headlines: China Reacts to Kim Jong-Il, Economics and Politics, Payroll Tax Showdown, and More

Posted by smorgante on 12/19/2011

WSJ: Using emoticons to read China’s feelings on the death of Kim Jong-Il.

Krugman: Will China break?

WSJ: We all know the economy will dominate the 2012 election. Who will voters trust more?

WaPo: What will the economy bring in 2012? Nobody knows.

WSJ: The difficulties in predicting China’s economic growth (or lack thereof).

The Hill: A showdown over the payroll tax threatens to raise taxes on millions of Americans.

Ezra Klein: More analysis of the payroll tax battle.

WSJ: Companies are sitting on cash instead of hiring. Apparently that’s a good thing?

The Hill: Russia moves forward towards full WTO membership.

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